We have a few questions that may help you solve the problem:

  1. Are you using the login we issued you, and not your login for the website?
  2. Are you using a firewall, proxy or VPN? If so, our servers won’t allow you to connect.
  3. Is your Internet speed at the recommended minimum—16 Mbps; 30 Mbps for HD channels—or higher?
  4. Is your device wired in (Ethernet), or is it connected wirelessly (WiFi or mobile data)? Ethernet will always be faster and more stable; use Ethernet, if you can.
  5. Are your device’s specs powerful enough to effortlessly handle live HD streaming in Kodi?
  6. If you’re using an Android device, have you tried wiping your apps’ cache, then restarting your device?
  7. Is your Kodi Add-on up-to-date?
    1. If you have reason to believe it’s not, please try uninstalling, then upgrading to the latest version by downloading and installing the add-on from http://liteiptv.com/my-account/downloads or https://liteiptv.com/kodi_addon
    2. For Kodi username & password: https://www.liteiptv.com/my-account/orders/ (Click ‘view’ and look under “Order Updates”)
    3. How to install Kodi add-on: https://www.liteiptv.com/how-to-install-kodi-addon-for-liteiptv
    4. Direct URL to Kodi add-on (installing from source): https://liteiptv.com/kodi_addon
      1. Settings > File Manger > Add Source > Choose URL below > Name File > Press “OK”
      2. Go to Settings > Add-on > Install from Zip File > Choose the Folder > Install Add-on
      3. All Done
  8. If you’re using an Android device, have you tried logging out, then factory resetting your device?

If it also happens you’re using a trial—as it states under “Description” on the Free Trial page on our website, the trial is limited:

  • The server might not allow you to connect if you are using a firewall, proxy or VPN
  • Trial account is limited and you can’t re-stream channels
  • Trial account is usable for 24 hours and it will start as soon as you receive the email

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